Milagro Coffee


Milagro Coffee terbaru dipasaran Malaysia. Produk minuman kesihatan berasaskan herba Patawali! Sedap dan berkhasiat.


Milagro Coffee is a blended Brazil instant coffee enriched with essential Patawali herb (Tinospora Crispa), ginger, black pepper and rock salt has been traditionally used as folk medicine also an alternative drink for health purpose.


Milagro Coffee contains high antioxidant and natural insulin effect which may enhance insulin sensitivity subsequently, may treat insulin resistance related disease e.g. diabetes mellitus type II and cancer. It can also reduce disease such as mild fever, mild hypertension and increase body immune system.



Milagro Coffee – a 7 in 1 premixed coffee blended with high quality Arabica-Robusta coffee and enhanced with several special herbals extract such as Tinospora Crispa, Ginger, Black Pepper and Rock Salt. These herbs combined, may treat many common diseases and may also boost our immune system.

The main herb used in Milagro Coffee is Tinospora Crispa. Tinospora crispa is a climber plant and belongs to Menispermacaea plant family. It is also known by various vernacular names such as “Patawali” or “Akar seruntun” to the Malays (Malaysia). It can be found throughout the southwestern part of China to Southeast Asia which includes India, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

Tinospora crispa has been used by many traditional practitioners for various treatments on fever, hypertension, wounds, intestinal worms, skin infections, and also hyperglycaemia. Aside from that, Tinospora crispa is also used in treating Type 2 diabetes mellitus in the form of aqueous extract due to its hypoglycaemic effect which could reduce blood glucose levels.